Water Damage Cleanup Lincoln NE

An early spring is sure to bring earlier than normal weather conditions capable of causing water damage to your Lincoln Nebraska home. The most common form of damage we see at DryHero is seepage in finished basements.

Check your gutters, downspouts, sump pumps and lot grading in preparation for spring weather.  If you do find water in the basement of your home, respond promptly to minimize the potential for damage. You can call us at 402-438-2379 if need help or just have questions.


Hidden Mold Inside Your Walls?

In Nebraska, hidden mold inside your home is an unsettling thought but more common than you may think.  Sometimes the only way you can determine if you have unsafe levels of mold in your air is to actually test the air.  Since mold spores are too small to see with the naked eye, this is the only way to evaluate your indoor air quality.  DryHero performs mold testing.

For mold testing in Lincoln Nebraska call 402-438-2379 for more information.

For mold testing in Omaha Nebraska call 402-592-4376 for more information.



Is Basement Water Damage Covered by Insurance?

Lincoln Nebraska Water Damage Restoration DryHero

Basement Water Damage in Lincoln, NE

Over the past 30 years, I’ve heard this question literally thousands of times from Nebraska residents.  And the answer is…maybe!  If you look at it from your insurance carrier’s perspective, your homeowner’s policy is a contract.  So the question becomes, did your basement water damage originate from a covered peril?

IS BASEMENT WATER DAMAGE COVERED? It’s not possible to cover every scenario or cover the intricacies of very homeowner’s policy in this article but I hope to shed some light on issue. Generally speaking, Nebraska homeowner’s policies cover water damage that is 1) sudden, 2) accidental and 3) originating from a covered peril. So, I usually see accidental discharge from the plumbing system (broken pipe, failed appliance, failed plumbing fixture, etc.) being covered in Nebraska. It’s important that the damage occurs from a single event and has been mitigated in a timely manner.

SUMP PUMP MALFUNCTION: If you have a basement in Nebraska and you have a sump pit, I would urge you to 1) have a sump pump installed in it and 2) call your insurance agent to verify that you have the added coverage for a sump pump malfunction. You MUST have this added endorsement on your policy for water damage resulting from a failed sump pump to be covered.  Your insurance agent can advise you on coverage amounts but in my opinion, $10,000 would be a minimum.  On a side note, the pump must actually malfunction for coverage to be extended. If your pump is simply unplugged, or there isn’t a pump installed, you’ll likely be out of luck.

GROUNDWATER INTRUSION: With the exception of the above paragraph, I’ve seldom seen ground water covered by insurance. Without a sump pump malfunction and the added coverage for said malfunction, you may be on your own financially.  In rare instances a property may be covered by national flood insurance (consult with your insurance agent) but that’s a separate policy.

STORM DAMAGE: Occasionally, heavy rains can result in groundwater filling a window well to the point where the glass breaks and the basement floods.  In my experience this is seldom covered by Nebraska homeowner’s insurance. However, occasionally an object floating in the water, like a log, breaks the window glass. In many of those situations, the water damage was covered because it wasn’t the water that broke the glass.

As you can see, there are an unlimited number of variables when it comes to water damage insurance claims in Nebraska. Different insurance carriers, insurance policies, insurance adjusters, sources of water and interpretation of these variables makes speculating about coverage very difficult.  My best advice is to know your policy (keep it where you can find it), do your best to limit your exposure to basement water damage and have a conversation with your insurance agent to determine your risk.



Water Extraction Service in Nebraska

Prompt water extraction is crucial when you discover damage in your Nebraska home.  The longer the delay in water removal, the greater the extent of damage and corresponding expenses.  If it’s a small area (less than 10 square feet or so) you may be able to handle it with a wet-vac.  If you have more than 1/2 a room, consider calling a professional water damage restoration company.  DryHero services all of eastern Nebraska and is ready to respond to your flood call 24/7/236.  Call 402-438-2379 for immediate service!emergency water removal lincoln nebraska

Emergency Water Removal in Lincoln

emergency water removal lincoln nebraska DryHero

Some of the best advice I can give Nebraska homeowners is not to hesitate if they are in need of emergency water removal.  I met with a Lincoln family this week that is looking at an expensive repair bill to fix water damage they sustained during a heavy rain last fall.

At the time of their groundwater flooding, they were uncertain as to the extent of the damage and were hesitant to hire a restoration company until after they spoke to their insurance company. Unfortunately for them their damage wasn’t covered by insurance and by the time they decided to call for help, there weren’t any water damage restoration companies that could respond to them.

These situations are difficult but if have more than 100 SF of wet carpet in your home, I recommend at least speaking to a restoration professional for pricing information or even just some simple, free advice.

You can always call me at DryHERO 24 hours a day for honest, candid advice regarding your emergency water removal concerns.  402-438-2379 or 1-888-DryHero

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Basement Flood Damage Cleanup Lincoln NE

Water Removal from Carpet Lincoln Nebraska DryHero

In Lincoln Nebraska our homes are exposed to a broad spectrum of weather events that can lead to flooding and water damage in basements.  From my 30+ years of experience in water damage restoration and remediation, the most critical decision is to respond and react promptly to the flooding event.  Time is your enemy when it comes to water damage and the longer you wait to mitigate the damage, the more costly the repairs may be.

Our customer service perspective at DryHero is to provide old fashioned honest advice to Nebraska residents when they are dealing with a flooded basement.  As the owner of DryHero, I have always done my best to consult with our clients regarding what is best for them, not what’s best for DryHero or their insurance carriers.  We simply provide them with the facts and then let the client decide what’s best for their home and their family.

If you have a flooded basement it’s important to follow some very basic rules for properly drying things out and avoiding issues such as bacteria odors or mold growth.

Emergency Water Removal – remove as much bulk water as quickly as possible.

Air Flow – rapid, intense air flow is the primary driver for evaporating water from wet materials.

Dehumidification – all the air flow in the world isn’t going to cause evaporation without dehumidification…it’s one of the main components for evaporating water.

Temperature – depending on the materials involved, the temperature of the drying environment will impact damage to materials and how effectively water evaporates.

Verification – the key to avoiding mold growth is verifying that the materials are dry enough to head off it’s growth…only sensitive moisture testing devices are capable of detecting hidden moisture in drywall, wood, framing, etc.

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Emergency Water Removal Service in Lincoln Nebraska

emergency water removal lincoln nebraska

When your dealing with a water damage event, one of the most important actions you can take is to remove the bulk water.  If you can’t remove it yourself, consider a professional water damage restoration company.  Local is always, always better. Make sure the company you’re talking to is actually physically located in Nebraska.

Hard surfaces like concrete in an unfinished basement is easy to remove with a squeegee or shop-vac. However, if you have carpet, you’re either going to want to remove the wet pad or hire a professional with a machine specifically designed to remove the water from the cushion and save it.  Either way, it’s important to act fast and decisively.

DryHero is available to provide 24 hour emergency water removal and extraction service. Call 888-DryHero!

Mold Growth in Bathrooms

If you have a bathroom, you’ll want to check this out!


Attic Mold Prior to Removal

Great example of what attic mold looks like prior to removal and remediation.  Attic mold is a particularly troublesome problem because it can impact your indoor air quality.  However, it usually grows undetected for years before most Nebraska property owners become aware of it.

To check for mold in your attic, simply grab a bright flashlight and take a peak at the interior of your framing.  Dark, light, yellow, green and even pink discoloration can indicate a mold problem.  When in doubt, call in a professional for an accurate assessment and identification of your specific situation.

If you suspect that you may have mold in your attic, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in Omaha at 402-592-4376.

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Lincoln Nebraska Basement Flooding Cleanup

Spring weather is forecast to bring heavy rains to Lincoln Nebraska and the eastern part of the state.  It’s important to properly manage the rainwater that collects on your roof to ensure that it discharges far enough away from your foundation walls.  Doing this will help Nebraska property owners keep their homes dry and avoid flooding their basements.

Make sure your gutters are clean. Verify that your downspout extensions are attached and properly positioned downhill, away from your foundation walls.  Verify proper drainage of your landscaping.  Check to make sure your sump pump is operating properly.

Basemenet Flooding Water Removal DryHero Lincoln Nebraska

Call DryHero at 402-438-2379 or visit us at http://www.dryhero.com if you have questions regarding any of our services.

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